Driving the most important initiatives for the growth of squash in the United States.

The US Squash Foundation's Core Initiatives:


Develop courts that can be easily and inexpensively installed in schools, public parks and indoor and outdoor public spaces.


Expand scholastic, collegiate and community squash programs nationally.


Provide national coaching and training programs to support America’s best squash players in becoming world and Olympic champions.


Advance a unified funding resource to facilitate collaboration and mutual support of all U.S.-based organizations dedicated to the growth and vitality of squash.

Our Shared Mission of Growth
US Squash’s Mission:

To lead squash’s growth and development
by increasing access and awareness,
supporting meaningful lifelong
engagement in the sport, and
encouraging sportsmanship
while achieving competitive
excellence at the
highest levels.

The US Squash Story

15 years of unmatched achievement


Led the successful international campaign for Olympic inclusion in the 2028 Games


More than doubled participation in all areas, including juniors, college, and adults

$41M US
Squash Center

Opened the Arlen Specter US Squash Center, the home of Team USA and US Squash

Equal Prize

Pioneered equal prize money for women at the U.S. Open, now the global standard

High-Performance Program

Trained the nation’s top juniors, resulting in four top-15 ranked women and the #2 women’s team in the world


Funded the development of the stand-alone Club Locker software platform

Inclusion changes everything.
The brightest sports stage in the world

Olympic inclusion provides important validation of squash’s long, global, and diverse history.

It sends a clear message to every aspiring athlete who dreams of competing at the highest level that their dedication can lead them to the pinnacle: the Olympics.

For the growth of the game.

Photos provided by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee.